And the Winners Are…

21 Aug

We have a wonderful collection of Colorful, creative, comical and really cool chickens in our chicken coop.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest.  The task of picking the winners was grueling.  They are all extraordinary.  We had 18 adult entries and 8 kid entries.  The winners of the adult entries are…

First Place:  Elizabeth Kenney for her fabulous Chickster couple Lila and BrodyImage

Second Place is Kusi Merello for Mike the Headless Chicken.  Yes, it is true, he did live.  Check out his story here.  I do think Kusi’s Mike is much more attractive than the real guy.


Third Place is Liz Robison’s Liberty Chicken.


For the Child Entries we have three winners…

Alex Powell, age 7 for her chicken in a kayakImage

Nora Connolly, age 9Image

and Greta Donahue, age 8


We also have 4 runner ups for the adult entries.  I wish we could have given everyone gift certificates but for these entries, we will be sending a gift.

Runners up are…

Elizabeth Chesebrough for her Quilted ChickenImage

Dana Lavelle for her Black Necked Stilt


Lisa Hodges for her felted chickenImage

And Nicola Gardiner for her hand painted chicken


To see all the entries, please check out our Pinterest or our Flickr pages in the coming days.  Thank you again everyone for your creativity and hard work.

All our best, the Brooklyn General Store Gang,

Catherine, Heather, Kate, Pia and Nina

One Response to “And the Winners Are…”

  1. amy August 23, 2013 at 1:12 am #

    How was I not aware of this contest? I love chickens and I love all the winners. Wonderfowl!!!!

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