Pink is the New Brown

16 Jun

oliver tie

Seems like everything I made last year was some shade of brown. This Spring, inspired by Blossom, our resident cherry tree fairy, everything is coming out pink. A pink dress in French General’s Petite Ecole, a pink shawl in morehouse lace, a pink short sleeved lacy sweater in Tosh Light, and finally, the easiest quickest project start to finish ever – a pink tie.

The dress and the tie were sort of made up with some vintage patterns providing some building blocks. This tie was so easy to make, really. Two hours is all you need. You are welcome to use our sewing studio for free this week to make one in honor of Father’s day.


Madeline Tosh

Back in full force! Un-earthly colors in Merino Lightand Prarie. Both yarns are perfect for summer knitting. They are yearning to be knit up as light and airy cardigans for all those beach walks or Promenade strolls.

Imperial Stock Ranch

Batten down the hatches, you will be blown away by these new yarns from my favorite new friend. Anna is a hand-dyed cotton wool blended and plied beauty. Erin is a hand-dyed wool, a bit lighter than it’s worsted weight sister.

Cascade Ultra Pima

Eight new summer colors in this fabulous silky smooth cotton.


summer plaids


New Summer Plaids

I haven’t made a shirt for my Dad since I was in high school. My Dad is 6 foot 5 and always sports a big plaid shirt. He definitely needs a new one out of one of these fabrics.

Kona is back

As always, an inspiring rainbow of colors.



Oil Cloth

Now fully stocked and ready for all your decks, kitchen tables, and picnics. A good Oilcloth makes the whole family happy.

Books and Patterns
colette patterns
New Patterns from Colette

Check out our newest patterns from Colette. Dresses, shirts, skirts and even lingerie.

75 Birds, Butterflies and Little Beasts to Knit and Crochet

A small book packed with garden creatures. We are building a garden in our window. Any creatures that would like to inhabit it are welcome.


Teeny Tiny Toy Knits with Anna from Mochimochiland

June 19th 1-3 pm

Take knitting to the extreme by learning to make miniature toys no bigger than a peanut! In this class, Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land will show you the basic techniques and minimalist details needed to knit an adorable Tiny Panda or one of her other toy patterns. Knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, making an I-cord, and simple embroidery are some of the techniques explored. These miniature objects make cute trinkets, embellishments, or accessories.

Sign up here

Toy Design with Anna from Mochimochiland

June 26th 1-4 pm

Design and make your own huggable doll, animal or other character that is all your own! Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land will guide you in starting with a sketch and turning it into a plan for a knitted toy design by using some simple geometry and math along with lots of tips and tricks from her years of experience exclusively designing toys.

Sign up here.

crochet flowers class
Crocheted flower Workshop with Cal Patch

Friday June 24th 6:30-8:30

May flowers may come and go, but you can whip up some colorful spring cheer with your bits of leftover yarn and a crochet hook. Learn how to make a variety of styles of flowers to adorn any kind of handwork! We will explore several methods of construction, and you’ll leave with a bouquet of new skills.

Sign up here.

zippered pouch class
Zippered Pouch Workshop with Cal Patch

June 25th 10 am-12 pm

Here’s a quick project that can be adapted for all kinds of uses: the classic zippered pouch. Whether you need a business-card holder, laptop protector, camera case, or crochet hook carrier, here’s the solution! We will learn how to insert a zipper and sew a pouch to suit your style.

Sign up here

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