Naked Trees

19 Feb

I’d like to devote this post to the naked trees of Brooklyn. Whether they are big, old and craggy, beautiful and delicate, piney, fruity, or stinky, they all are steady, strong reminders of the magic of nature in our midst. We only have them for a few more weeks so let’s take notice.

When trees are in bloom they bear fruit, they breath out their perfume, they show off. We count on them to shade us, shelter us, clean our air and feed us. When they are naked, we see them as sticks, quietly waiting for their leaves to come back. Naked trees are just as beautiful – calm, still, and strong, webs of shooting veins, sleeping. This is the time when our neighborhood trees take time to rest, to be quiet before they have to come out and show their colors again. Such wisdom! I wish I could be more like a tree.
Last year I built a tree in the shop. Last Spring it was filled with squirrels. Like it’s out door friends, it lost it’s leaves and has been naked for the winter months. Also like it’s out door friends, it is about to bloom and I’m wondering who should inhabit it this Spring? Email or comment with your ideas! Tree frogs? Sparrows?
So take some time to honor the naked trees outside your door. Go and read Shel Silverstein’s book, The Giving Tree again. It will make you cry. Google images for tree houses – it will inspire you. Look at this knitted tree house – it will make you laugh. Here are two projects for you to consider: The first is Tree of Life fingerless gloves by Jenny Williams. The 2nd is Tree of Life mittens by Janel Laidman. I love them both.
On a completely different note, how many of you would make the trip across the BQE for some fresh home made cider doughnuts and really good coffee on Sunday mornings? We are thinking of getting a doughnut maker and a neon sign.

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