Ode to a Peach Party

15 Aug

Everything in our little corner of Brooklyn seems to have an interesting back story, even the tiny green space behind our shop. Step out of our back door around this time of year and you will find that what is usually an unremarkable, narrow ribbon of land crossed with chain-link fences and cables has been transformed into a tiny fruit grove filled with hundreds of ripening peaches and apples! What a treat it was to discover that the fruit trees behind most of the buildings on our block are the remnants of what was once a small orchard. Apples are a crisp treat, but oh how we love a nice ripe peach. Soft and pleasant to hold, sweet and uncomplicated in flavor, peaches bring a bit of farm-fresh country goodness to a hot summer day in the city. Biting into a perfectly ripe peach on a Brooklyn street corner while watching the world go by is truly a marriage of two perfect moments.

This year we’ve decided to bring our little secret out of the backyard and into the shop for all to enjoy. We hope you will join us for our First Annual Peach Party! What is a Peach Party, you ask? Really it’s just an excuse for us to gather with you, our dear friends and neighbors, to knit and enjoy each other’s company while snacking on peachy treats. In order to get you into the spirit, Catherine has created an adorable knit peach pattern, available here. Help us turn our squirrel tree into a peach tree by bringing in a knit peach to hang on its branches. If your leftover yarn stash is peach-free, bring a peach baked good to share! All knitters of peaches and bakers of treats will receive 20% off on the day of the party.

Ode to a Peach Party!
Sunday, September 5
3 pm – 5 pm
Brooklyn General Store
128 Union St.
Mark your calendars! We hope to see you then. If you’re thinking about baking something, share your recipe in the comments, below!

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