An Abundance of Leaves

24 May

Brooklyn General Store is located just outside of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, arguably one of the greenest neighborhoods in New York City. It boasts a natural display rare in an urban landscape: large front yards and garden beds filled with trees and flowering plants. The showy springtime blooms have fallen from the cherry blossom and magnolia trees, and a beautiful, verdant wall of ginkgos, London planes, maples, mimosas and oaks now blankets the neighborhood’s industrial waterfront, softening the edges of the shipping yards and inspiring this leaf-motif round-up.

Try one of these small, fresh projects (most are free patterns!) in our suggested yarn–perfect for when the weather gets warm and you just can’t bear to lug around that bulky sweater project.


photo credits (clockwise from upper left): Gale Zucker, Pam Powers, Geminime (on Ravelry), Mindy Lewis

We love these sweet bags–wooden handles seem to be a natural choice for leaf satchels. The delicate Leafy Reticule (upper left) by Ann Hahn Buechner from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines calls for a DK yarn–we recommend one of the soft springtime colors of Rowan Pima Cotton. The latest edition of Interweave Knits features a romantic, fabric-lined satchel (upper right) by Pam Powers in a worsted cotton–try Lana Grossa’s Linea Pura Organico. The Leaf Satchel (lower left) by Teva Durham from Loop-d-Loop, Volume 2, is fashioned with a double-strand of DK-weight yarn such as Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool, and the Cop Cat Bag (lower right) by Mindy Lewis will work up nicely in the worsted-weight Cascade 220 .

Small Comforts

photo credits: Cybele (on Ravelry), NorwayKate (on Ravelry)

Bring nature indoors with an elegant tea cozy from Sublime Book #614, (also a perfect project for trying out one of the many, many beautiful colors of Rauma Strikkegarn) and lacy summer-weight socks by Corey Laflamme (try Rauma Babygarn or Claudia Hand-Painted).

Delicate Washclothes

photo credits (clockwise from upper left): Eva Skulbru Eriksen (both top photos), Smariek (on Ravelry), MissMandiGirl (on Ravelry)

A handmade cotton washcloth is a small project, but a big luxury. The patterns for Leafy Cloth, Apple Leaf Cloth, Twin Leaf Cloth, and Vignes (Vineyard) Dishcloth are all available as free downloads on Ravelry and are a great way to try out a new cotton yarn!

For Baby

photo credit: Rowena Sweeney

It’s never too early to encourage a love of nature! This aptly named baby blanket, Ready for the Floor by Rowena Sweeney looks beautifully fresh and modern while giving baby a soft space to explore.

Beautiful Leaves

photo credits (clockwise from upper left): Midorisan (on Ravelry), RaeA (on Ravelry), Colleen Teerling, Monique Boonstra

Knitted and crocheted leaves have their own appeal as embellishment, or jewelry, or just as pretty objects. Have fun experimenting with different weights and styles of yarn to create your own Mountain Laurel Leaf, Feuille de Ginkgo, Lacy Leaf, or Leaf Lace Cotton Cuff.

Finally, for an inspiring read, check out the article in Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine #47 about knitting outdoors, and then take your project outside!

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