revised Vestee pattern available here!

5 Jul

update to add: revised Vestee pattern! (Word format)

Today I came across a small decanter of the perfume I used to wear in high school, Guerlain Jardins de Bagatelle . It’s never suited me, but for some reason, I put it on. I expected horrible, icky high school flashbacks and got nothing. Except confirmation that this perfume has never been right for me. I probably stuck with it for so long because my grandmother, ever a lady, was a Shalimar woman and I idolized her. She taught me to knit and also taught me how to drag a project out for yeeeeeaaaaaaaaars, although this second teaching was unintentional. (After her passing, my sister and I plotted to finish the sweater she started at my birth only to find the yarn disintegrated.)

Segway: I am almost done with my Vestee! I just need to attach the shawl collar. We have more Vestees to show, but certain lucky people are on vacation or moving into new homes right now ;). This vestee will have a shawl collar and is made using Rowanspun dk with Kidsilk Haze carried along for softness (no. 7 needles). And now for something special–an updated version of the Vestee pattern! Marjorie Brigham, the sweater’s designer, has generously allowed us to offer her second version of the pattern. It includes more detail on the yoke shaping and some really great schematics. You can download the word document at the top of this post!

Speaking of smells, I am close to getting my whole house to smell like moth repellent and that’s good thing. this. stuff. smells. awesome.

If you need to name something quickly and cleverly, ask a four-year-old! “Shoo!” was an obvious choice to name BG’s own brand, but not one that came to any of us adults.

until next time,

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