Peaceful Savannah

8 Jun
I was just coming off a very difficult sweater that I finally finished after almost 4 years. I think Katie and I started those sweaters when Arlo and Oliver were about 18 months. Here it is. Like that fancy hem with the peacock feathers on the inside too? I don’t know why I love to do that color work. Figuring out which colors must follow each other is the great challenge and often what you least expect will look perfect together.

So this is what happened…

When the vestee idea came up at the Friday morning breakfast, Jennifer was so excited about it that I just had to do it.
I didn’t really want to use the pattern decided upon, so I thought I would make something similar using the Savannah that has been beckoning me for months. I thought I would make the sweater for one of my sweet clients who just had a baby, Mae, about 2 months ago. This client is really in to organic fibers and NO COLORS. So I picked the natural white and started from the bottom…

Ahhh, Savannah is divine. How peaceful to knit with natural white. The lack of color enables my hands and mind to relish in the feel of the fiber. My mind stays blank. Now I can see my client’s attraction to a peaceful palette of whites. Well the pattern is turning out to be not at all like the vestee except in its size. It is knit from the side because I wanted the body of the sweater to flow nicely from the leaf border. (see picture below) It has a hoody and will zip up the back. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn and am waiting for it to come in to finish the sweater. In the mean time, I made this shirt for Katie’s birthday out of Liberty of London fabric. Peacocks again.


2 Responses to “Peaceful Savannah”

  1. through my garden gate June 10, 2007 at 8:52 pm #

    that colorworked sweater is so so so beautiful…i love it and really enjoy the colors you worked it in!

  2. infemity June 12, 2007 at 6:31 pm #

    hey! great sweater and blog!

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