Blogging Breakfast

18 May

I was so disheartened to wake up to the cold, cloudy morning, but my
heart warmed at the cozy vibes of our regular knitting breakfast* on Friday.
What an inspiring group of projects today!

Amy’s quilt for the P.S. 29 auction…

Wendy’s incredible mohair shawl for a bride (with baby Samirah)…

Pam’s crocheted jewelry…

Liz’s Manos del Uraguay scarf…

Lulu’s crocheted vest…

Mary’s cardigan sleeve (her own pattern in Organik)…

Lulu’s dress (made without a pattern) looks so good on her…

We have the cutest babies!!!!

And some everyday magic- Masuko’s journal. Masuko drew this picture of
Lulu in December after spotting her in Manhattan and liking the way
she looked. They had never met before this morning….


*knitting breakfast is an open circle held from 9:30 am to noon every Friday.

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