Vestee Progress

5 May
Yarn selection for the Brooklyn General Vestee knit-a-long is all over the map. I, for one, had a hard time choosing. Cotton is perfect for right now, but wool would mean a jump start on next fall’s toddler wardrobe.

I think yarn choices often reflect the knitter. This time though, I am just not seeing it. Jennifer always picks green and she’s gone with an icy blue Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton; Melissa is using Noro Silver Thaw(I guess I never pegged her for the self-striping type). After some serious swatching I’ve settled on a tweed over something soft and squishy–Rowanspun DK in purple and green. If I am not mistaken, Rowan discontinued this yarn, but the shop still has some–score! I decided to carry along some lavender Rowan Kidsilk Haze for a softer effect and I’m pretty happy with the results. My nose feels differently and this will be, sadly, my last hurrah with mohair.

This lovely leaf trim belongs to Catherine, one of the shops owners. She’s using Savannah by the Fibre Company and she can’t stop raving about it! This yarn is a unique blend of organic cotton, merino, linen, and soya fiber. Earth friendly and fun to knit with–does it get any better for a Brooklyn knitter? Catherine’s sweater will be “Vestee-esque”and the pattern will be available in the store soon…


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